About Us

Mutual Fund Information is India's premier "Investment Services" Company, with nearly 20 years of experience in helping people protect and grow their wealth. We've helped to create more millionaires than any other firm in India.We provide mutual fund investment idea's ,advice, and mutual fund information through this website.I have an experience of more than 15 years in  financial planning and investing.

What is the purpose of this website:  To be honest, my main purpose of creating this site is to how to make money through invest in Mutual fund.

Second main purpose is, many of my friends and colleagues keep asking me about the best investment options, Tips on saving money and how to do savings in good investments plans. I keep guiding them several times. At time I felt, that there might be thousands of people who would be struggling to understand the good investment options available right in front of them. I thought of writing my experiences, knowledge, Investment Ideas etc., so that they would benefit people like you.

We started in 2001 and work from our two offices — in Delhi NCR ,Bihar and Jharkhand.