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Income Tax Calculator

You can use a Income Tax Calculator that find the sum of total tax on your income.

Note: When entering dollar amounts do not use commas.

Status Single
Exemptions [Help]
Wages [Help]
Interest & Dividends
Other Income [Help]
IRA [Help]
Itemized Deductions:
State income tax [Help]
Property Taxes
Mortgage Interest [Help]
Contributions [Help]
Other [Help]
Tax Payments:
Income Tax Withheld
Other Payments [Help]

Enter your total exemptions. You can count yourself as an exemption if you are not claimed as a dependent on another person's return. You can take an exemption for each of your dependents. Generally, you must have provided over half of the person's total support. Return

Add together all taxable wages including your wages, salaries, tips, etc. If status is married include your spouse's income. For most people the amount to enter on this line is in box 1 of their W-2 form. Return

Enter any other taxable income not entered above such as: prizes and awards, gambling winnings, income from rental of personal property, etc. Return

Enter your deductible IRA contributions, alimony payments, moving expenses, student loan expenses, etc. Return

State Income Tax
Enter your state income tax withheld for the year. Return

Mortgage Interest
You can generally deduct any mortgage interest you pay on your home during the year. You can not deduct personal interest such as car loans unless they are part of a deductible home equity loan. Return

Enter your deductible cash and non-cash deductible donations for the year. You can not deduct donations unless given through a recognized charitable organization. Return

Other Deductions
Enter any other deductible itemized deductions such as medical expenses. Return

Enter any other Federal Income tax withheld or paid for the current year. Such as taxes withheld on interest and dividends or retirement income. Return

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